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Synopsis of Lundon’s Bridge and The Three Keys:


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Dalina, the once loving jellyfish queen of the ocean, after hearing of the supposed deaths of her husband King Pom, and her daughter Princess Pompom, has declared war on the human race for those tragedies. She strikes with revenge on the humans for creating the mutant plant monsters in the Decade Sea that have supposedly killed her family and are slowly polluting her world under the sea.

Meanwhile, 12-year-old Lundon O’Malley and her Irish American marine biologist father, Kevin, make a pact that they will save the fish kingdom by making the ocean clean again. Hoping to put an end to the war, Kevin and his dolphin partner, Jumper, a marine scientist from the ocean’s royal court, dives to the ocean floor to harvest enough of their newly developed Muck Munchers to prove to the queen that their experiments will save her kingdom and destroy all the muck in the ocean, killing the mutant plant monsters along the way. While underwater, Kevin is mysteriously sucked into a rock formation and disappears, only to end up as the queen’s prisoner. As long as she has him under her spell, she has the power to come on dry land as a human.

Lundon’s mother, Sonia, a Hispanic beauty from Cancun, Mexico, in her grief and believing her husband to be dead, becomes desperately confused in her search for what is real and what is fantasy, having never believed in the stories of talking fish and the little jellyfish princess that occupies so much of her husband’s and daughter’s life.

Lundon, however, has no doubt that her father is alive and will return home from the sea when he and Jumper complete their mission down under the vast waters.

Lundon’s 18 year-old friend, Waxer, a tough, street-wise half Korean half American loner, finds himself at the butt-end of the numerous adventures that Lundon pulls him into. He tells Lundon that her father is dead and that there is no way she can bridge her world with his. Lundon takes his words literally and begins building a bridge out of Popsicle sticks. It is this bridge that she believes will help her father make a speedy return home from down under the sea once he and Jumper are finished with their work.

As she’s about to glue the last stick onto the bridge, Lundon is kidnapped by human helpers of Queen Dalina. In Waxer’s fearless efforts to save Lundon, he too, is kidnapped. At that exact moment in time, Lundon’s Popsicle-stick bridge is mysteriously pulled out to sea and sinks to the ocean floor below; hiding its special meaning from the people it was meant to enlighten.

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Lundon and Waxer are delivered into the hands of Queen Dalina, now in her human form and playing the role of a nice fairy godmother. On a secluded estate just outside of New Orleans, and after stealing the love and belief of their parents through brainwashing techniques, Dalina uses a magical carousel to change hundreds of her new followers (kidnapped children) into insects to help enact her war against the humans. (Note: The insects are cute and merchandise-friendly).

After being imprisoned there for some time, Waxer helps Lundon escape but isn’t so lucky himself as he is turned into a huge, smart-aleck dragonfly.

While running away, all alone and frightened, Lundon meets Captain J, and his magic fishing pole Paco. Unaware of the fact that the Captain is actually Jumper, her old dolphin friend, Lundon finds herself in the capable hands of loving friends who help protect her from Dalina’s attempts to destroy her love and belief in her parents.
Waxer, (as a dragonfly), catches up to Lundon, and along with Captain J, and Paco they head for home on a magical journey filled with colorful characters, both friend and foe.

Making it out of the swamplands to where help can be found they are attacked again by Dalina and many of her insect soldiers. Lundon has only seconds to use Paco’s magic, and instead of wishing to be safe at home, she wishes to make Dalina a good queen once again.

With that heartfelt wish, the foursome find themselves on the ocean floor in the center of an ancient underwater volcano where they discover the imprisoned and once presumed dead,

King Pom and his daughter, Princess Pompom. Now they could all see the purpose of Lundon’s wish. All they have to do now is reunite the royal family and Dalina will surely become a good queen once again.

Escaping from the volcano they find themselves in the middle of the Decade Sea being chased by the deadly plant monsters. Luckily they reach clean waters surrounding the palace. One final obstacle looms as they come face to face with the evil fish Varkor, the captain of the Royal Army.

Thinking that he and his army have captured only Lundon, Paco and Jumper, Varkor summon his queen to witness his capture of the wanted fugitives. When Dalina arrives and sees with her own eyes that her husband and daughter are actually alive, realizes it was Varkor and not the humans that had betrayed her.

The Ancient One, a 450 year-old ex-human turned giant squid, realizing the truth, too, forces Varkor back into the Decade Sea, allowing the plant monsters to destroy him once and for all.

Reunited with her family, Dalina unleashes the spells she had placed on the human children and adults throughout the story, finally becoming a good and loving queen again.

With that, Sonia, Lundon’s mother, survives being turned into a grasshopper and now, knowing that Kevin’s talking sea-friends are indeed real, rushes to the surf to declare her belief in, and love for her family . . . the final elements needed to win the war.

As Sonia stands on shore calling out to her family, the Popsicle-stick bridge that Lundon had built begins to grow and begins radiating sparkles of shimmering light that illuminate the happy faces of Kevin, Lundon and Waxer as they come home over the bridge; a bridge built with the love and belief of a child for her parents. Lundon’s bridge now links the land and the sea together forever.

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