SHOCKRA Takes Control of Nuclear Cowboyz 2014

Nuclear Cowboyz® is a contemporary high-energy circus performance that combines traditional circus skills (acrobats including: stilt walkers, fire breathers, riders and martial artists) with a choreographed storyline/theme. The highly acclaimed 2014 Nuclear Cowboyz  tour  is the most explosive choreographed arena-based circus production in the world. Nuclear Cowboyz features a storyline conveyed through more than 1000 gravity-defying freestyle tricks performed by the globe’s most dominant freestyle performers. The action-packed show is complete with heart-wrenching stunts by world-famous Shaolin Kung Fu Warriors, stunning laser effects, the largest indoor pyrotechnics show and an infectious soundtrack comprised of heavy metal, electronic dubstep and alternative hip hop. Entering its fifth touring year, Nuclear Cowboyz 2014 is led by an award-winning creative team and features the world’s top freestyle motocross performers, including multi-time X Games medalists Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Taka Higashino, Mike Mason, Matt Buyten, Ronnie Faisst and Colten Moore as well as world-class freestylers such as Derek Garland, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Nick Dunne, Brody Wilson,Marco Picado and more.


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