Ugly Mag Swimwear by Hannah Sobisky

Ugly Mag Swimwear by Hannah Sobisky


UM: Where did you get your inspiration for your swimwear?

HS: The inspiration for my swim wear came from my exploring on the internet to see what is the new style and fit of swim wear. I found some great designs from many swim wear companies and combined all of the ideas to come up with my own creation. I also love to do my work free handed with no specific patterns, and I enjoy adding my own twist to each suit. I feel like my imagination is very open and I love to create new and interesting designs.
3717087_origUM: What made you want to design?

HS: My interest in designing started when I was a freshman in high school from the help of my amazing fashion design teacher, Genet Orme. She taught me everything I know and inspired me to work towards my dream of becoming a fashion designer. The swim suit design class is still rather new to the school, but there have been students that come out of her class that go on to do amazing things with their design careers.

UM: Do you want to expand into more clothing in the future?

HS: I would love to expand more on clothing in the future because I’m so tall. It is hard for me to find not only regular clothing that fits my long body, but swim suits as well which is why I want to go into this design program at FIDM in LA. Whenever someone orders a swim suit from me, I ask them to give me their exact measurements so that I can fit it exactly to their body type.

UM: Have you always been interested in design?

HS: Like I said before, I started to become interested when I became a freshman in high school in my fashion strategies class. We learned about the history of fashion and where it all started and came from. I also started modeling in middle school, which is when I started to become more and more interested in the fashion industry.

UM: What’s your favorite piece?

HS: My favorite piece that I designed was my Super High-waisted Criss Cross Trunks. I like them because they show a cool line on the front of the suit and they really hold everything in. They are also flattering on everyone.

UM: Do you prefer one-piece or two?

HS: I prefer a one-piece because it shows that women are confident in their body. It is also much more modest than a two-piece swim suit.  

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