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Nonstop Activewear

Nonstop is a hybrid of several ideas. The outcome is to give you the comfort and versatility you need, plus the luxury and fit that you want. The first category we offer is legwear.  Sexier than activewear and more functional than lingerie, we have combined the best of both into a new kind of wardrobe basic. All styles are designed and produced in Los Angeles, California USA from globally sourced components.





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Alex Magno’s ONYX LULLABY (Sweet Dreams) Video

Alex Magno’s ONYX LULLABY (Sweet Dreams)

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Alexandre Magno
11 hours ago — via Final Cut Pro



Sweet Dream (Are Made Of This)
ONYX LULLABY “Sweet Dreams” (Cover)

Performed By: AUSTIN SCOTT
Music Produced & Score By


Director Of Photography

Associate Producers

Production Designer


Assistant Choreographers

Assistant to Mr Magno




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BTS Photoshoot

BTS Photo Shoot

Model: Jarica
Stylist: Style House Inc. & Hannah Sobisky
Swim Suit: Charisma Styles by Hannah
Necklace: Amrita Singh
Glasses: Quay
Makeup: Joseph Adivari
Hair: Matilde

Hannah Sobisky Signs to Act in Lundon’s Bridge Movie IMDB

Synopsis of Lundon’s Bridge and The Three Keys:


hannah Onesheet 6_18_2014_v4

Dalina, the once loving jellyfish queen of the ocean, after hearing of the supposed deaths of her husband King Pom, and her daughter Princess Pompom, has declared war on the human race for those tragedies. She strikes with revenge on the humans for creating the mutant plant monsters in the Decade Sea that have supposedly killed her family and are slowly polluting her world under the sea.

Meanwhile, 12-year-old Lundon O’Malley and her Irish American marine biologist father, Kevin, make a pact that they will save the fish kingdom by making the ocean clean again. Hoping to put an end to the war, Kevin and his dolphin partner, Jumper, a marine scientist from the ocean’s royal court, dives to the ocean floor to harvest enough of their newly developed Muck Munchers to prove to the queen that their experiments will save her kingdom and destroy all the muck in the ocean, killing the mutant plant monsters along the way. While underwater, Kevin is mysteriously sucked into a rock formation and disappears, only to end up as the queen’s prisoner. As long as she has him under her spell, she has the power to come on dry land as a human.

Lundon’s mother, Sonia, a Hispanic beauty from Cancun, Mexico, in her grief and believing her husband to be dead, becomes desperately confused in her search for what is real and what is fantasy, having never believed in the stories of talking fish and the little jellyfish princess that occupies so much of her husband’s and daughter’s life.

Lundon, however, has no doubt that her father is alive and will return home from the sea when he and Jumper complete their mission down under the vast waters.

Lundon’s 18 year-old friend, Waxer, a tough, street-wise half Korean half American loner, finds himself at the butt-end of the numerous adventures that Lundon pulls him into. He tells Lundon that her father is dead and that there is no way she can bridge her world with his. Lundon takes his words literally and begins building a bridge out of Popsicle sticks. It is this bridge that she believes will help her father make a speedy return home from down under the sea once he and Jumper are finished with their work.

As she’s about to glue the last stick onto the bridge, Lundon is kidnapped by human helpers of Queen Dalina. In Waxer’s fearless efforts to save Lundon, he too, is kidnapped. At that exact moment in time, Lundon’s Popsicle-stick bridge is mysteriously pulled out to sea and sinks to the ocean floor below; hiding its special meaning from the people it was meant to enlighten.

fb update 6_15_2014onesheet
Lundon and Waxer are delivered into the hands of Queen Dalina, now in her human form and playing the role of a nice fairy godmother. On a secluded estate just outside of New Orleans, and after stealing the love and belief of their parents through brainwashing techniques, Dalina uses a magical carousel to change hundreds of her new followers (kidnapped children) into insects to help enact her war against the humans. (Note: The insects are cute and merchandise-friendly).

After being imprisoned there for some time, Waxer helps Lundon escape but isn’t so lucky himself as he is turned into a huge, smart-aleck dragonfly.

While running away, all alone and frightened, Lundon meets Captain J, and his magic fishing pole Paco. Unaware of the fact that the Captain is actually Jumper, her old dolphin friend, Lundon finds herself in the capable hands of loving friends who help protect her from Dalina’s attempts to destroy her love and belief in her parents.
Waxer, (as a dragonfly), catches up to Lundon, and along with Captain J, and Paco they head for home on a magical journey filled with colorful characters, both friend and foe.

Making it out of the swamplands to where help can be found they are attacked again by Dalina and many of her insect soldiers. Lundon has only seconds to use Paco’s magic, and instead of wishing to be safe at home, she wishes to make Dalina a good queen once again.

With that heartfelt wish, the foursome find themselves on the ocean floor in the center of an ancient underwater volcano where they discover the imprisoned and once presumed dead,

King Pom and his daughter, Princess Pompom. Now they could all see the purpose of Lundon’s wish. All they have to do now is reunite the royal family and Dalina will surely become a good queen once again.

Escaping from the volcano they find themselves in the middle of the Decade Sea being chased by the deadly plant monsters. Luckily they reach clean waters surrounding the palace. One final obstacle looms as they come face to face with the evil fish Varkor, the captain of the Royal Army.

Thinking that he and his army have captured only Lundon, Paco and Jumper, Varkor summon his queen to witness his capture of the wanted fugitives. When Dalina arrives and sees with her own eyes that her husband and daughter are actually alive, realizes it was Varkor and not the humans that had betrayed her.

The Ancient One, a 450 year-old ex-human turned giant squid, realizing the truth, too, forces Varkor back into the Decade Sea, allowing the plant monsters to destroy him once and for all.

Reunited with her family, Dalina unleashes the spells she had placed on the human children and adults throughout the story, finally becoming a good and loving queen again.

With that, Sonia, Lundon’s mother, survives being turned into a grasshopper and now, knowing that Kevin’s talking sea-friends are indeed real, rushes to the surf to declare her belief in, and love for her family . . . the final elements needed to win the war.

As Sonia stands on shore calling out to her family, the Popsicle-stick bridge that Lundon had built begins to grow and begins radiating sparkles of shimmering light that illuminate the happy faces of Kevin, Lundon and Waxer as they come home over the bridge; a bridge built with the love and belief of a child for her parents. Lundon’s bridge now links the land and the sea together forever.

Check out the website at www.lundons.com

SHOCKRA Takes Control of Nuclear Cowboyz 2014

Nuclear Cowboyz® is a contemporary high-energy circus performance that combines traditional circus skills (acrobats including: stilt walkers, fire breathers, riders and martial artists) with a choreographed storyline/theme. The highly acclaimed 2014 Nuclear Cowboyz  tour  is the most explosive choreographed arena-based circus production in the world. Nuclear Cowboyz features a storyline conveyed through more than 1000 gravity-defying freestyle tricks performed by the globe’s most dominant freestyle performers. The action-packed show is complete with heart-wrenching stunts by world-famous Shaolin Kung Fu Warriors, stunning laser effects, the largest indoor pyrotechnics show and an infectious soundtrack comprised of heavy metal, electronic dubstep and alternative hip hop. Entering its fifth touring year, Nuclear Cowboyz 2014 is led by an award-winning creative team and features the world’s top freestyle motocross performers, including multi-time X Games medalists Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Taka Higashino, Mike Mason, Matt Buyten, Ronnie Faisst and Colten Moore as well as world-class freestylers such as Derek Garland, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Nick Dunne, Brody Wilson,Marco Picado and more.


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360 Magazine Novemebr 2013 Issue Hannah Sobisky

 360 is an edgy fashion, lifestyle and culture magazine. We will introduce cutting-edge brands, entities and trends to tastemakers within their respective communities.

Our founding members have over 30 years of collective experience both as notable talent and uber professionals within the realm of fashion, music, art, design and entertainment. We are more than just a magazine comprised of journalists, representing a movement of social awareness and change.   360-6 360-5 360-4 360-3 360-2 360-1

Ugly Mag Swimwear by Hannah Sobisky

Ugly Mag Swimwear by Hannah Sobisky



UM: Where did you get your inspiration for your swimwear?

HS: The inspiration for my swim wear came from my exploring on the internet to see what is the new style and fit of swim wear. I found some great designs from many swim wear companies and combined all of the ideas to come up with my own creation. I also love to do my work free handed with no specific patterns, and I enjoy adding my own twist to each suit. I feel like my imagination is very open and I love to create new and interesting designs.
3717087_origUM: What made you want to design?

HS: My interest in designing started when I was a freshman in high school from the help of my amazing fashion design teacher, Genet Orme. She taught me everything I know and inspired me to work towards my dream of becoming a fashion designer. The swim suit design class is still rather new to the school, but there have been students that come out of her class that go on to do amazing things with their design careers.

UM: Do you want to expand into more clothing in the future?

HS: I would love to expand more on clothing in the future because I’m so tall. It is hard for me to find not only regular clothing that fits my long body, but swim suits as well which is why I want to go into this design program at FIDM in LA. Whenever someone orders a swim suit from me, I ask them to give me their exact measurements so that I can fit it exactly to their body type.

UM: Have you always been interested in design?

HS: Like I said before, I started to become interested when I became a freshman in high school in my fashion strategies class. We learned about the history of fashion and where it all started and came from. I also started modeling in middle school, which is when I started to become more and more interested in the fashion industry.

UM: What’s your favorite piece?

HS: My favorite piece that I designed was my Super High-waisted Criss Cross Trunks. I like them because they show a cool line on the front of the suit and they really hold everything in. They are also flattering on everyone.

UM: Do you prefer one-piece or two?

HS: I prefer a one-piece because it shows that women are confident in their body. It is also much more modest than a two-piece swim suit.  

4096613_orig 7206106_orig3089227_orig

Somwny Blog 2010

A must read interview with the gorgeous “Hannah Sobisky” by Amna Bou-Azza


Hannah new DNAIMG_4986.JPG

SOMW : How did you get into modeling? Tell me how and when everything started ?

Hannah: I started getting approached by scouts a lot around the age of 13. I met Erin Olson of Echo Models a friends BBQ when I was 14. She introduced me to DNA Models in New York and I signed with both agencies and things have taken off since then.

SOMW : Now that you’re signed with DNA do you believe that Echo models made things easier for you and helped you to get into such a well known agency ?

Hannah : Echo Models definitely helped to make everything a smooth transition. Erin is very careful and concerned about her models. She is knowledgeable in the business which is huge. People in the industry trust her and respect her.

SOMW : Did you always know that you wanted to be a model?

Hannah : I never really thought a whole lot about becoming a model until I started getting approached.

SOMW : If you hadn’t become a model, what would you see yourself doing?
Hannah : If I hadn’t become a model I would definitely see myself continuing my dance career.

SOMW: Who’s your favorite model if you have one ?

Hannah : I don’t really have a favorite model as of yet.

SOMW : How do you spend your days Hannah ?

Hannah : Besides school, I spend my days dancing, hanging with friends, reading, and being with my family

SOMW : What has been your best trip as a model? Is there anywhere you would like to travel that you haven’t been to yet?
Hannah : My best trip so far is definitely New York. Every time I go I learn more and more about how to improve. I eventually want to travel all over the world. But I want to take it slow. I want to enjoy being a teenager too. I am about to go to Paris this summer to model with Viva agency. I am so excited to go and learn and work.

SOMW : How do you feel about the media trying to influence the perception of models and their ‘ideal’ size?”

Hannah : I don’t like that the media has such a strong influence on body image. I do understand the need to advertise and sell things, and you want to use people who make the product look good. But I also think that we don’t have to fall into the ideal image trap. Thanks to good genes and my family, I have usually had a positive body image. But I am not perfect either. I know I will be told I am either too tall, or too thin,or not thin enough, or not soft enough or too soft by certain clients or jobs. I won’t get every job I go out for. But I have a responsibility to remember that I am still good enough inside and that is all that matters in the end. I hope other teenagers can learn and understand that as well.

SOMW : Do you have a secret that you can share with us ? (laughing)

Hannah : A secret that most of my friends don’t know about me is that I still love to watch the princess Disney movies every once in a while. I guess I am still a little girl at heart.

SOMW : What do you enjoy the most about the modeling world ?

Hannah : What I enjoy most about the modeling world is the powerful feeling of walking down a runway and the fun you can have behind the camera. I love photo shoots

SOMW : Who’s your favorite designer ?

Hannah : I have so many favorite designers but the 2 that stand out to me are Renzo Rosso of Diesel and Betsy Johnson. I love the funky but casual style of Renzo and the quirky yet beautiful style of Betsy.

SOMW : What would you like to be known for at the end of you fashion career?
Hannah : I would like to be known for 3 things: -Being an amazing runway model -Being an example to other women by being as modest and appropriate as I can in an industry that doesn’t always want that -And last but not least, I would like to be able to help other teens learn to love themselves no matter what body type they have and to learn to let their inner beauty shine through.

SOMW : what do you think about SOMW ?

Hannah : Well I haven’t known too much about SOMW until now but if these are the kinds of interviews and information people will be able to get from it, I am definitely all for it. How exciting! Thank you for being interested in my answers and in me.

SOMW : Thank you Hannah! And thanks for the amazing pictures , SOMW loves you too ! All the best for your career!

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NYC-based modeling agency comes to Salt Lake City

NYC-based modeling agency comes to Salt Lake City



This is an archived article that was published on sltrib.com in 2009, and information in the article may be outdated. It is provided only for personal research purposes and may not be reprinted.
Trudi Tapscott helped launch the modeling career of Gisele Bündchen.

And on Dec. 5, Tapscott will be in Salt Lake City looking to discover America’s next top model. DNA Model Management, from New York City, will be in town for its first open Salt Lake City call at Studio 600.

The modeling agency represents well-known models such as Linda Evangelista and Amber Valletta, and works with companies such as Chanel, Christian Dior, L’Oreal, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Oscar De La Renta and Prada, while collaborating with magazines like Vogue , French Vogue , GQ , Harper’s Bazaar and W .

This open call is unique in that it’s for a professional modeling organization and won’t charge prospective models any fees simply for showing up.

Tapscott, model manager at DNA, answered e-mail questions about the upcoming model search. In addition, read comments from three new young models from Utah — Hannah Sobisky, Tessa Peay and Whitney Jensen — who are affiliated with DNA.

What do you see in these three models from Utah?

“This is always such a difficult question to answer as what we see is difficult to describe and they are all so different. Each is not comparable to the other nor anyone else and potential is difficult to determine as so many elements are involved in how models develop. Here are the qualities that I see initially:

“Hannah is a beauty who looks like a teenager, and yet has a face that is stunning. She is fearless is front of the camera and has a quirky style that I think will be received well. She is completely aware of her body due to her years of dance and it will be a great asset in modeling.

“Tessa is a classic beauty. Although she is very young at the moment, she has the type of beauty that we are just waiting for the rest of her to grow up into. Regardless of how beautiful one may be, timing and maturity is everything in fashion and when the moment is right, Tessa’s classic beauty always has a place.

“Whitney is a striking blonde who is very special. She has a unique look and a great body. She is the quintessential American beauty.”

What do you say to people who think these model searches are a scam?

“First, always check who is searching and verify their legitimacy. If you are being interviewed by an authentic scout or agent, you will not be asked to pay any money up front for any services, such as a portfolio or classes. Your potential for modeling is not based on that in a market such as New York or Paris.”

What do you look for in young models, in general?

“This is one of the most difficult questions to answer. What we look for is very subjective and difficult to explain to parents and young people interested in our industry. First, we look for a variety of physical requirements, such as height and proportion, photogenic potential and great skin. Personality is an important quality that is part of our interview, as well. There are exceptions to every rule in fashion: It’s our job to see potential and advise what steps to take if you have what it takes to be a top model on an international level.”


Tessa Peay, 13, Alpine
How were you selected to be a model? » “I was scouted at Snoasis [a shaved-ice kiosk] in Alpine by Erin Olson’s brother. Erin then contacted me, and we did a little photo shoot at the library in Salt Lake. It was a little intimidating, because I had to show up with no makeup on to do the photo shoot. She sent my pictures to DNA and they were interested, so I interviewed with Trudi when she came to Utah this past summer. I am still too young and won’t do much for another year at least. [My advice is] they aren’t just looking for a pretty face. Lots of girls in Utah are beautiful. They are looking for girls [who] are tall and between a size 0-4. If you don’t fit the requirements, just find something else to do that makes you happy. Trudi gave me some good advice: ‘Modeling shouldn’t be who you are. It’s just something you do.’ It is a tough industry to be in and models face a lot of rejection, so it’s important to have other things in your life that you are interested in and not make modeling your whole focus. Watch out for modeling agencies that want a lot of money up front for classes and pictures.”


Whitney Jensen, 17, Fillmore
How were you selected to be a model? » “Erin [Olson], a DNA scout, spotted me at a high-school track meet. I thought it was funny because I looked pretty crazy that day. She ended up taking some Polaroids, gave me her number … and here I am now. [Since then] I’ve been in several photo shoots, been taught proper runway techniques and have been exposed to more high fashion than ever before. [My advice to others is] don’t give up. There will be a lot of people out there waiting to break you down. But if you believe in yourself, then nobody can stop you. Also, work hard on keeping a good figure by eating right and exercising. Practice different poses in the mirror each night, and walk in high heels because soon you’ll be using the skills in front of the camera and on the runway.”

models_1129~5 models_1129~6

Hannah Sobisky, 15, Provo
How were you selected to be a model? » “I was approached by Erin [Olson], a DNA scout, at a party. [Since then] I have just taken a couple photo shoots that have been really helping me become a better model and I’ve had the chance to travel to New York City to meet with clients and shoot with amazing photographers. I live in Utah, and I am planning on going to New York very frequently. [My advice is] you have to love it, because it’s not as easy as it seems. While becoming a model you have to be very careful in what you do and say. It is also a long learning process. When you do photo shoots, take in the pointers that the photographer gives you. Every time you do get better and better, each and every time.”

Are you a shooting star?
DNA Model Management Model Search

When » Dec. 5, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

Where » Studio 600, 26 E. 600 South, Salt Lake City

Info » Seeking females ages 14-19, 5’8″ to 5’11″; males ages 16-28, 6′ to 6’2″; no previous experience or test shots needed; bring any available recent snapshots and arrive in a simple outfit, in flat shoes, with no makeup.

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